New High-Tech Geographical Zone for Multiple Technologies

Available Sites

A substantial amount of land within the developed area dedicated for commercial development is available. The stretch of Highway 100 between I-95 and the Atlantic Ocean (approx. 3.5 miles), North and South sides is primarily unused and ready accommodate R&D parks. Usually when you make an attempt to develop a large project such as a new geographical zone for the high-tech industry with potentially hundreds upon hundreds of companies in desired areas and in close proximity to each other, you need to allocate enormous capital to relocate the existing business and homes. We do not have this problem, but it is only question of time: to use or lose this chance.

In the middle of the geographical area chosen for the new High-Tech zone, there is a new destination called Town Center. It is 1500 acres of fully developed land with streets, canals, lakes, and beautification, situated along Highways 100 and I95. The only fully improved area of Town Center is the perimeter. Within Town Center we have a large amount of land ready for business and residential development, ready for customized development according to R&D company specifications. Town Center is the new designated downtown of Palm Coast. Town Center is 5-7 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean via Highway 100 (Highway 100 dead ends in the Atlantic Ocean), consequently there is no significant commercial traffic on it. Town Center is prepared to place in it any combination of restaurants, clubs, and retail stores to satisfy the desires and needs of the high-tech professionals upon relocation.

This type of land in other parts of Florida is used for hotels, resorts, and luxury homes.

Our concept for this new geographical destination of the high-tech industry includes as one of the primary elements very close proximity between businesses and residences. In short, walking rather than driving, or driving short distances (from home to business and back.)

The businesses and residences will be literally a few minutes' drive or even walking distance from one of the best beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. (no highrise buildings are erected along 15 miles of the beach, but one.)